I started this blog to write about my new experiences living down here in southwest Virginia. Well, on Wednesday I had the new experience of testing positive for Covid.

I dodged that stuff for three years! I’ve gotten every shot and booster I could get my hands on. I even kind of wondered if I was possibly Covid-proof, like one of my friends at work (his story is actually kind of amazing).

But alas, no. I started feeling run down on Tuesday, with a scratchy throat that got worse as the day went on. I woke up a little stuffy on Wednesday, and chalked it up to a cold, until I heard the radio news saying that Covid cases were up in Roanoke. And surprise, surprise! I got those dreaded double lines.

I have a mild case, where it has just felt like a doozy of a cold for the last couple of days. And as I write this on Saturday, I’m feeling much better and very, very lucky. I’ve got a nice set-up in the basement to avoid infecting Jim, and the cats LOVE Camp Covid.

This is not so bad

And the benefit of having it this late is that everyone knows what I’m going through. It could be much, much worse.

2 thoughts on “Late to the (Covid) party

  1. To date, my husband and have escaped Covid, flu, and other viral cooties. And while I do not assume we will never catch the bug, I will say we may have spared as we continue to wear masks when out in the world in stores , activities, etc.


    1. That’s a smart choice, Denise. When I posted about my ailment in social media, you wouldn’t believe the number of people who told me they’ve been recently infected (or re-infected).


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