Since it’s Friday, I decided to treat myself to a fancy, store-bought cup of coffee this morning. As I might have mentioned, our nearest Starbuck’s is 35 minutes away in Vinton (at least until they finish the much-anticipated store in Rocky Mount, bringing that classic cup 15 minutes closer!), and the drive-through at our nearest shop had a line, so I visited the fine folks at the Smith Mountain Lake Coffee House, where I decamp when our home wifi is iffy. After having lived here for more than four years, I shouldn’t be so surprised at the absolute quiet of the post-summer season here at the lake, but the contrast is pretty stark at the Coffee House, which is really hopping from May – September. More dark roast for me, I guess…

Driving home, too, I saw a welcome sight: it’s going to be a bagel day tomorrow! For all the New Yorkers we have living around here, you couldn’t get a good bagel and it was a darned shame. Until this summer. The Bagel & I is a new-ish bagel shop up in Lynchburg, and hallelujah, they bring a pop-up to the lake on Saturdays! These folks are super nice and the bagels are extremely delicious. They’re really popular; on any given Saturday, you can see a line form outside their tent. And it looks like they’re adding a Friday bagel day to their line up this week.

See you in the morning, bagel friends!

Tomorrow’s breakfast is sorted. Hope you have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Breakfast in the Country

  1. Always a treat to read your posts Ann! Makes me want to drive to Va…ha! Glorious weekend on tap for us in Minnesota. I’ll be thinking of you and everyone Halloween weekend & MCM!! Seems sooo long ago, such great memories. Take care, Cathy


    1. Come see us anytime! And I bet Minnesota is GORGEOUS right now. We have a colleague at work, a young man who was one of the folks who was able to get out of Afghanistan last summer. He and his sisters received scholarships to study at the University of Minnesota, and Cathy, he loves it so much. It is always a joy to talk with him and enjoy his new experiences through his eyes. And it’s hard to believe it’s MCM time again — Marie S. had a post about it on Facebook today that really made me smile. Hope you have a great weekend ahead!


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