I first drafted this post talking about how lucky we were in our remote part of the country. Until very recently, our reported cases of Covid-19 had been very moderate. Even with the rate of people wearing masks standing at about 50-50, with the wide-open spaces in Franklin County we felt like we might miss the worst of it.

Then Memorial Day came and evidently everyone went to Myrtle Beach, including that virus. Myrtle Beach is a spot on the South Carolina shore, just about five hours south of our area. There’s a boardwalk, and golf courses, and an amusement park, and evidently lots of pent-up need for people to get out to the sand, because they opened up their businesses in June and the virus exploded.

Look, it’s the Coronavirus Highway!

People in Roanoke love Myrtle Beach! And they brought that virus back with them. The worst souvenir ever.

So now our local cases are creeping up. Mask wearing is a little better, but I’m cautious and more mindful of staying home. But for awhile there…

Jim and I went out to eat at our favorite restaurant, instead of doing take-out.

Napoli Cowboy has a nice outdoor area now! And you have to make a reservation.

I made a trip to Rocky Mount for a mammogram, which is no fun but you gotta do it. Hats off to the clinic for being extremely impressive at monitoring patients’ health and getting us in and out quickly.

I started going into Roanoke on Saturday mornings to peruse the tremendous Kolsch selection at Barrel Chest, where they remember you and what you like, with always something new and good to recommend.

I would also include a stop at Roasters Next Door so I could support a local coffee shop that happens to have delicious lavender-pancake flavored lattes.

But now it looks like all of those good things might be on hold and it’s 100% worth it if we can avoid this mess spreading any more than it is.

6 thoughts on “Creeping Out, Creeping Back In

  1. I have been doing my weekly grocery shopping at Fresh Market in Roanoke. All of the employees wear masks and the customers are greeted at the entrance with a sign indicating the need to wear a mask. It has been an almost completely stress-free experience. Kroger Westlake is awful and I stopped shopping there months ago. Ditto Food Lion in Moneta. Customers don’t wear masks – probably as a stupid political statement or just plain reckless behavior. I check the VDH stats fir Franklin County and Bedford County every day. Both are creeping up. Both my husband and I are grateful to be safe and healthy. Wishing you the same!

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    1. Denise, Kroger was PACKED full of people on Thursday afternoon last week – I just went in to return my Homestead bottles because I knew I was going to do my shopping at 7 am the next day. Early morning is the ONLY time I go in there now. The two places I’ve been going in Roanoke, though, Barrel Chest and RND, are both VERY mindful about masks. RND is in Wasena, and most of the clientele is very careful too. Glad you are healthy — we are too — hope you remain that way!


  2. Thanks, Anne. I will look forward to seeing you when this is over. In the meantime, it’s good to know you and yours are safe and well.


  3. Oh my goodness! Lavender pancake infused lattes! I must try that! I make a mean lemon lavender cake and love finding new and interesting ways to use it. Thank you for sharing, Anne!


    1. That cake sounds divine! And truly, these are times that call for lemon and lavender.
      This place makes their own flavor syrups so even the lowly vanilla is pretty much next-level.


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