Folks in Franklin County, by and large, do not speak like folks in Fairfax County.

And occasionally, I’m reminded that I am the one around here with the funny accent.

I’ve done some work lately about the history of some of the communities near Smith Mountain Lake, places like Wirtz, Burnt Chimney, Moneta, Huddleston, and Penhook. I’ve been fortunate enough to speak to a number of long-time residents about their recollections growing up around here.

And when I go back to transcribe the recordings of our conversations, I am struck at just how darned fast I talk.

And the other morning, I was chatting with Pete, a very delightful lady who greets us at the front desk of the YMCA. She mentioned that she’d been bird-sitting her grandson’s sun conure. I was not familiar with the breed, so she pulled up a photo of a smiling young man with a beautiful golden bird perched on his shoulder.

“Oh, he’s a pirate!” I exclaimed.

“Yes,” agreed Pete. “They’re like little parrots.”

It’s me. And my funny accent.

Good looking bird, though.

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