It sure is a nice day to go for a walk in my neighborhood.

Since I work mostly at home, I really try to spend a little time in the afternoon marching up and down the street. Today is a perfect day for it.

It’s a brisk 55 degrees in Franklin County.

A cool thing about walking around here is that, because Smith Mountain Lake is so new (around since 1966) the shoreline is made up of a bunch of peninsulas. So no matter where you go, there’s water all around you.

And all those peninsulas were once high points of land, so there are hills to challenge you.

Some of the houses are built between the hilltops and the waterline, giving them a little privacy.

Or a lot of privacy.

You never know what you’ll find at the end of a driveway like this.

And if you’re really lucky, the cows might be out. Oh, hey, cows!

(If you watch the cows for more than a minute or so, they get tired of watching you. That’s humbling.)

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