Appropriate for the vernal equinox today, I saw a sleepy bear this morning.

Near our house is a bridge that crosses Gills Creek. One of the homes along the road is also situated right on the creek, with a path that leads up a steep hill from the dock to the house.

It was on this path that I saw what appeared to be a very large black dog. Here’s my thought process:

  • Aw, look at that dog.
  • That’s a big dog.
  • A really big dog.
  • Maybe it’s a wolf?
  • No, would a wolf be that color?

I came home, did some research on bear skinniness, and came up with an article from Adventure Journal in which the author explained that not only do bears burn up to 4000 kcal a day while hibernating, using fat stores to stay alive, but they also mosey around in a “walking hibernation” for the first few weeks after they awaken as their metabolisms and body functions get rolling again. A skinny bear is entirely plausible.

So I’m 97% sure I saw a bear. And 99% sure he was looking for a picnic basket.

(And 100% sure you won’t be seeing me on any early morning walks anytime soon.)

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