I know, I’m kind of writing about alcohol two days in a row, which really isn’t what I’m about, but I wanted to tell you about the International Wine Festival, held right here in Roanoke last weekend.

On Sunday afternoon, the Taubman Museum of Art hosted an International Wine Festival, which was a perfect way to enjoy a chilly January afternoon.

The event was sold out! The crowd enjoyed tastings of more than forty wines from around the world, along with food pairings and music, all in the backdrop of the beautiful museum space.

(For the record, I did not try all forty wines. Jim tasted even fewer than I did, because he volunteered to drive home over Windy Gap.)

I took some pictures of my favorite bottles, so I would remember to pick them up.

And best of all, all of the wines offered, whether from Japan, Chile, South Africa, Italy, or Napa, are available at Kroger, my next stop as soon as I finish writing today.

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