I need to talk to a farmer. Because I have questions.

I went out for a lovely walk on Sunday morning and happened to snap a picture of this peaceful field because it looked so frosty and picturesque.

But then, when Jim and I drove by just a couple of hours later, the view had gotten even more interesting.

This happens ALL THE TIME. I know that people move herds around, but I simply can’t understand how they move ALL THOSE COWS around from pasture to pasture. I have seen cows move. They’re neither fast nor organized, and in fact the only time I’ve seen a cow move quickly is when someone wanted to organize him back into a pasture from which he’d escaped.


Jim: “I don’t know, Anne. I just don’t know.”

I really need a go-to person with bovine knowledge because this is, I think, one of the great questions.

4 thoughts on “A Bovine Mystery

    1. AHA! I actually saw some just now, unusually close to a road where I could pull over. I jumped out of the car, camera in hand, and startled a few into some reluctant shuffle-steps.


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