This was a post that was supposed to have gone up on Thursday afternoon but I had a few technical difficulties. But wait until you see this scenery, people!

As I did the other day, I went on a little road trip this afternoon. This time, though, I was hunting for Wirtz.

Wirtz is actually our hometown down here in Franklin County. However, according to Google Maps, it’s 15 miles away from us. And if you Google the Wirtz, VA Post Office, you’ll see that it is actually located in the area known as Burnt Chimney.

This is confusing and clearly called for some investigation.

There is a road named Wirtz Road between our locale and GPS spot for Wirtz on the map, and indeed, after I’d followed the directions there, all of a sudden Google Maps announced that I had reached my destination. But the only thing near me was Gary’s Antiques.

And the train tracks.

But if you look very closely, voilà.

It’s hard to read but the sign says, “Wirtz.” Success!

As a bonus, this was a nice spot to stop and take pictures because there was very little traffic and I could actually pull out my phone. As I’ve mentioned, there is some breathtaking scenery here all the time but alas, nowhere to pull over. So I’m pretty darned pleased with my trip to Wirtz.

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