For the project I’m working on currently, I’ve found a favorite resource:

I stopped by on Saturday and made the acquaintance of Linda, who is the director of the Historical Society. She is an amazing lady, not only because she knows an immense amount about the happenings in Franklin County from way, way back — I shamelessly listened in as she related stories about Boones Mill to another visitor while I was tracking down some facts today.

But also because of this: if you look on the sign in the photo, above, you’ll see that the museum is not open on Wednesdays. Some people (me) did not check the website before rolling down to Rocky Mount to pop in to continue some research. The door was locked. Linda let me in anyway (as well as a young man who was looking up his ancestors named Boone) but I didn’t stick around too long, since I’ll feel better hanging out there tomorrow, when it’s not their day off.

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