I’m not saying that I used our kids’ travels back to college as an excuse to go out and eat around town, but…

Before the eldest left on Monday, we made an extra trip to Garden Song in Roanoke for plant-based goodness.

And to the Sweet Donkey Coffee House for huge lattes and a ginger-orange scone.

Then, after she left town, her younger brother and I hit up Magnum Point Marina for catfish sandwiches and their home-made chips (unlike his sister he is not plant-based, and had a steak and cheese).

Followed by a trip to our favorite restaurant down the street, Napoli Cowboy, so he could savor a smoked pork chop.

And of course, there was a trip to On the Rise Bakery for a bite this morning.

Now that they’re back to school, these two middle-aged folks left behind can concentrate on eating more austerely.

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