I made a little bit of progress yesterday.

See, one of the things I’m trying to do, now that we live in this rural spot, is find a way to write things in a freelance way. Other than a few writing samples, I’m pretty much starting this project from scratch.

But I have taken some steps. 

  • I signed up (and shhhh, don’t tell Jim, paid for) a course on getting a freelance business started. The instructor, Elna Cain, takes you through a wide scope of topics related to everything from setting up your website, to setting your rates, to finding ways to market yourself. I am progressing through the course little by little.
  • I am putting together a professional website. It’s in WordPress, like this blog right here. It’s not ready to go yet. I have found that setting up a website is not easy. (But yesterday’s progress? New portraits that I hope will say, “Hey, I’m a writer.”)
  • I have one client, our local news publisher, and I am delighted that they have been able to use some of my work! But wow, I want to get that website set up.

Because I’m finding the website thing to be difficult, I have found all kinds of ways to procrastinate. Like all the Christmas stuff (presents wrapped! Cards sent!). And a volunteer gig I’ve picked up (more on that next week). And, well, this blog, of course, which I’m not going to quit because it gets me writing every day and also out and about into the new environment.

So I’ll keep you posted on my progress here. And if anyone wants to come to my house and walk with me through WordPress websites, I promise I’ll drive you around on a cow-seeking tour AND make you some cookies!

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