It’s not that easy to get here.

When Jim’s parents and sister came down for Thanksgiving last week, his dad flew from Boston and the ladies flew from Dallas (where they gather to holiday shop each year). They met in Richmond, which is three hours to our northeast. (Virginia is a wide place.)

Because of an unplanned stop at an urgent care place (everyone is okay but you know, people can get sick here and there), they didn’t arrive until nearly midnight. But on they came, and you just have to appreciate that kind of tenacity.

And just as appreciated are the friends who are on their way to visit even as I write this. They are coming down from northern Virginia, and breaking up their four-hour drive with a lunch stop up the road in Lynchburg. Smart! When my sister and her family did a trip here in August, they stopped for lunch at the brewery that’s north of Roanoke. Also smart!

My point is, even though we might not be the easiest place to come visit, we will be really glad when you do.

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