I learned something and I’m going to drop it on you (#FridayFact).

As you drive to our house, you’ll pass some fields with cows in them (majestic) and occasionally, there will be a lone donkey hanging out with them.

It turns out that some farmers are not just Shrek fans, but are putting those equines to work. I looked it up (by Googling, “Why would you want a donkey”) and learned that donkeys hate dogs and everything that looks like dogs, like coyotes, wolves, and foxes. When these critters sneak into a field with a donkey, Mr. Donkey will get loudly annoyed, thus alerting the cows and the farmer that there is trouble afoot.

Did you already know that? I did not. Now I wonder why I don’t see more donkeys amongst their bovine buddies.

And this theory does nothing to explain Duncan, the mini-donkey down the street from us. I suspect he’s more of a pet. It will certainly call for deeper investigation.

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