Life in the country has changed us. For Jim, it’s that new approach to yard work (we now have new stumps everywhere). For me, it’s more musical.

I confess that neither Jim nor I are big country music fans. Here, however, we have few alternatives on the radio, so we count ourselves lucky that WTVF, our local public station, comes in loud and clear. However, we have found that both of us listening to the same talk radio station results in some limited dinner conversation:

Anne: “Did you hear about the fisherman on Tangier Island…”

Jim: “Was that on NPR this morning? The guy with the cats? Yeah. How about the native elk?”

Anne: “And how DGIF is bringing them back? Yeah.”

Jim: “It’d be cool to see an elk.”

Anne: “Super cool.”

But lucky for me, the car I drive has satellite radio, so All the Music is Mine. And my new favorite station these days — and I’m not kidding — is Bluegrass Junction on Channel 62, specializing in “handmade, heartfelt Bluegrass music.”

Open your minds, people!

Seriously, if you find yourself in our neighborhood (AND I HOPE YOU DO!), this is the perfect backdrop to the astonishing scenery around you. And it puts you in the right frame of mind.

The Haybuster moves at about 25 mph, but it’s okay with the right music.

If you want to sample some of my favorites, may I suggest Circus No. 9’s “Cool it, Son,” Darren Nicholson’s “Lost Indian,” or the Steep Canyon Rangers’ “Let Me Out of This Town“? These last guys are actually on tour right now (and OMG they hang out with excellent company!) but alas, Jim has not yet adopted the music of his new home, so if anyone wants to check them out with me, do let me know.

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