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I have learned a lot about our new home from the Smith Mountain Lake Residents page on social media, and last week, they turned me on to a meeting of the Smith Mountain Lake Newcomers Club. This sounded like exactly the group for me.

And guess what? It surpassed my expectations. I made it over to this morning’s meeting and found a warm, active, lively group of men and women — newcomers and longer-term lake residents alike. They meet once a month and serve as a foundation for a whole range of special interest groups, everything from dining groups to gardening to the Ridge Runners (a hiking group that takes on some pretty strenuous trails in the area).

Today’s gathering featured a speaker: local businessman Donnie Montgomery, the CEO and founder of Homestead Creamery, who spoke about how he grew his family dairy business into “the best little creamery in the Blue Ridge.” (This comment was greeted by more than one response of, “You ARE!” from the audience.)

And even better, this group features a great way to connect to some truly nice people, and I am grateful to have found them.

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