I’ve written before about the Shine Runners, a great pub-running group here in Franklin County. When I first started hanging out with them on Thursday evenings, I was strictly walking, because a couple of years ago, I was running enough that my knees took a beating. However, in the past few weeks, I’ve started running ever so slowly, just a little, and mixing that in with the walking.

Anyway, they are an inspiring group of really nice people, and when you’re out for a run with them you also get to take pictures like this.

But last night was something new. It was my first run with them after daylight savings time was over, so it was my first run in the dark. On a trail.

Doesn’t that sound like a bad idea?

I wasn’t convinced that I would have the courage to do it, and I sat outside the Hammer and Forge Brewery in Boone’s Mill as the 6:00 meeting time drew near, secretly relieved that I didn’t see any runners lurking around. I figured it had been cancelled and I would just pick up a growler and bring it home.

Well, joke’s on me, because right at 6, I saw the crew inside the bar, lining up for the group photo. I popped in there just in time.

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 2.49.26 PM
That’s a stealthy person in the back

Because these are cool people, two of them ran with this slow old lady; I am seriously grateful for Justin and Jennifer (both of whom have walking paces that resemble my “running” pace). It was really dark (but my headlamp worked great!) and really fun. And I brought a couple of growlers home after all.

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