Photo on 11-6-18 at 3.04 PM #3

When we first moved down to Southwest Virginia, I pretty much assumed that politics would come in one color.

And yes, today is Election Day and there is a strong Republican presence.

But I have definitely seen some Kaine/Cockburn (i.e., Democrat candidate) signs around. After voting this morning at the Scruggs Volunteer Fire Department, I headed over to a spot where I knew I had seen some signs of Blue enthusiasm.

While I was taking a photo of the Smith Mountain Lake Democrats’ office, their president, Denise, came out and warmly welcomed me in for a visit. Inside, I got a chance to meet her, along with Carol, Joanne, Shearer, Cindy and few more of the members who were working the phone banks and bringing coffee supplies to voters at polling places around the area.

Denise explained that the SML Democrats is a club that works with Bedford and Franklin Counties’ Democratic organizations to support candidates, address issues regarding Smith Mountain Lake, and host speakers. Open to all people of voting age in the counties surrounding the lake (Bedford, Franklin, and Pittsylvania), they are a friendly and engaged group.

Even on Election Day, I don’t want to make this a political blog, but especially on Election Day, I love to see some balance in our town.

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