I’ve mentioned in this blog that in our new locale, our nearest Target is a 45 minute drive away, so I don’t get there as much as I did when we lived in a place that was liberally sprinkled with them. But today was a Target day, and it was a good thing.

On the trip into Roanoke, I happened to notice the Peaks of Otter off in the distance, and recalled that I’d been conversing with my friend Lorenda about the state of the fall color in this area — she will be visiting a loved one at Virginia Tech this weekend. Hmmm, I thought, maybe today would be a good day for a foliage peek? (#doitforLorenda)

It was.

The drive to the Peaks is northward along the Blue Ridge Parkway. At certain points along the drive, you find yourself right on the ridgeline with valleys falling away from you on either side. (I don’t have pictures of that because my hands were clenched too tightly on the wheel.)

There is a hike I want to come back and visit, because I was dressed for Target today, not for hiking.

These folks had the coolest camper parked at the trailhead. It had European plates, so I don’t guess you’re going to find one of these around here.

And the souvenir car sticker is truly unique.

It was a splendid morning to visit the mountains, and I’m so glad to get a chance to leaf-peep so close to home. And I can tell my friend that she is good to go!

2 thoughts on “A Fine Target Side-Trip

  1. Your state is so beautiful. But I can attest driving the Blue Ridge Parkway although beautiful is nerve wracking pulling a camper. I enjoyed my visit to VA


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