Sometimes, getting used to living in a new place takes awhile. It can feel like you don’t know anyone. Or anything. It can get a little frustrating.

That’s why I thank the heavens for last weekend.

I have a sister who is a couple of years younger than me. Can I tell you what a marvelous person she is? She is a kind, funny, smart, generous force of nature. We have never lived very far from each other. The absolute hardest thing about our family’s move to the southwest was putting those four hours in between our front doors.

So when I was feeling down a few weeks ago, Jim immediately suggested I go up to spend the night with her. Lucky for me, she (and her wonderful family) had a spot on the calendar and we made our plans.

We hung out, ate food that wasn’t good for us, drank a beer (or several), compared notes on our kids, and laughed a lot.

Then, the next day, I got to attend the retirement ceremony for a good family friend from the old neighborhood, allowing me to catch up with some of the sweetest neighbors you could ask for.

And best of all, then it was back to Fairfax to enjoy my sister’s family once again. I feel like I have been pummeled with love, and I am so grateful.

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