Yesterday was our last day in Pittsburgh and I headed east to the Strip District, a neighborhood full of ethnic grocery stores, restaurants, and shops. I got a coffee at this cigar and coffee shop that reminded me of my cigar smoking Uncle Pete.

And I not only managed to find this chili/lime spice blend that Cora introduced me to, but I also enjoyed talking with the young lady working in Reyna’s, who assured me that Pittsburgh is truly the best place to live.

Also, the Strip District is a fine place to get yourself some Steelers merch.

And generally cool shopping.

The area is also home to the Senator John Heinz History Center. This is a sister museum to the Fort Pitt Museum I saw the previous day, and you get half off admission if you bring in your receipt. Bargain!

It’s certainly not all condiments, though. They had two very special exhibits:

Yes, Mr. Rogers, I will be your neighbor.

There is a tremendous exhibit about the United States’ space exploration efforts, too.

The museum celebrates Pittsburgh’s history, neighborhoods, and people! It has a huge, very eclectic collection and you could spend a long time trying to see it all.

Which kind of sums up how I felt after a first visit to this fun, sports-loving, friendly, good-eating, beautiful city.

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