We’ve been in our new place for two months now, and I find I’m becoming a true card-carrying member of our community.

There’s the Kroger card, the Capps (home building store) card, the Co+op card, the YMCA card, and my newest addition: the Franklin County Library Card. I picked up that one last week and immediately checked out a book — which brought me right back to the thrill of being 10 and getting to come home with a bag of books.

I planned to read “my” new book during our drive to Kentucky to visit our freshman, but found myself rubbernecking instead at sights like this:

Trust me, those mountains are much bigger IRL

And the beautiful New River:

Of course, no reading was done as we spent the weekend with our boy, very pleased that he seems to be settling in just fine. It’s a relief and a joy to know that your child (even your 19-year-old child) has found a place to belong. After all, it’s the same motivation that drives carrying around all those cards.

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