I wanted to take a trip today to one of the coolest places here in Wirtz, but it involves a hike and the weather today is not at all conducive to hiking. More chilly rain. I promise, I’ll take you there soon!

Instead, with a visit to our college freshman on the horizon this weekend, a wise friend suggested that I gather up a care package for him. Brilliant!

I drove into the Grandin Village section of Roanoke to hit up the Co+op for some goodies. It’s a beautiful part of the city, with historic homes built in the early half of the 20th century, cool places to eat, and a very nice community vibe.

Of course, with the rain, it wasn’t terribly picturesque today, but the Co+op did have plenty of food for our freshman (and some alpaca socks!), along with a spinach croissant from Breadcraft Bakery for me. And on the corner of Grandin Road is the always delicious On the Rise Bakery, offering coffee and baked delicious foods to help one through a rainy afternoon.


The peach rings are from CVS, and the tortilla chips are from Kroger.

Lousy weather makes for a fine coffee week.

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