This morning, I had some things that needed doing and it was a damp and chilly morning here in Wirtz.

Definitely a coffee day.

But as I’ve mentioned in my cheap efforts to shock my Northern VA friends, the nearest Starbuck’s is more than 30 miles from our house! (Before our move, that coffee goodness could be had with no more than a five minute walk to the building next to my office.)

Thank goodness for CJ’s.

CJ’s Coffee and Sandwich Shop shares space with The General Store, a very nice gift shop in the business end of Wirtz. They are very popular around here, with good reason: the food and drinks are fresh and delicious, and you’re always met with a friendly face. It’s a cheerful spot filled with art for sale (and notices for when local artists will be at the shop to meet art-lovers), colorful tables, and delicious-looking delicacies.

This morning, since it really did feel like fall, I treated myself to a pumpkin pie latte, which kicked the season off nicely, I think.

Now to find a flannel shirt.

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