Did you know that Roanoke is the home to a fantastic art museum, the Taubman Museum of Art?

You can’t miss it as you make your way into the city; its roof line is designed to evoke the rolling mountains that circle Roanoke Valley, as well as Roanoke’s iconic star on Mill Mountain. It is eye-catching!

Ever since we moved down here, I’d been wanting to check out the museum, and yesterday was the day. I wish I’d done it sooner, and can’t wait to get back.

The first stop I made was to the special exhibition, DRIVE! Iconic American Cars and Motorcycles, which features nearly two dozen incredibly varied vehicles that were built between 1912-1965. They really are beautiful.

Right next door, the museum features an exhibit of Judith Leiber handbags (those tiny, crystal-encrusted confections that movie stars tote around at the Oscars). They are dazzling, and even more so when you learn that the museum’s collection is the result of the generosity of a Roanoke-based couple, the Schaftmans, who have made gifts of nearly 120 Lieber pieces.

The Taubman is a museum that packs an amazing variety into its spaces. Two exhibits, on Native voices and the opioid epidemic, were particularly informative and moving. And a trip to the terrace awards you with iconic views of Roanoke’s downtown.

My photos don’t do justice to everything you can see at the Taubman, so you probably should check out their site, or – even better – make a stop in for yourself. Admission is free, thanks to the generosity of Haley Toyota and the Appalachian Electric Power Company. They offer a wide variety of events geared to all ages, and this is definitely a drive I will be making again soon.

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