Before the kids made their way to college, our daughter decided to get out of the house to locate some kombucha (as one does), and found success at The Centre at Vita Zen. In fact, she also brought home their yoga schedule, which we got to try out later that week at one of their Yoga in the Vines events at the beautiful Ramulose Ridge Vineyards, right around the lake in Moneta.

When our weekend schedule permits, I’ve been enjoying the Saturday Salutation yoga class at the Centre. It is a nice group of folks, and the teacher, Flo, has the kind of mellow chill that I love in a yoga instructor (she also wears cool bluegrass t-shirts).

Of course, with the weather news this week, someone asked her at the end of class on Saturday how she felt about having a hurricane named after her. She joked that her husband had teased her about stirring things up.

But the other “Flo” (aka Hurricane Florence) is big news here in the mountains. I had originally thought that since we’re this far inland we wouldn’t have much of the effect of the storm, but evidently similar storms have caused some significant damage.

I have dutifully been to Kroger (along with many of my neighbors) and picked up drinking water and dry cat food, in case we lose power (and our well water). One of the Smith Mountain Lake folks is a weather forecaster with an enthusiastic following; he is keeping everyone up to date. I don’t think things are supposed to get exciting until Friday around here, and I’m counting myself lucky that at least no one is being evacuated.

Mountains > beach this time around.

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