Franklin County’s Parks and Recreation supports a crew of pub runners, the Shine Runners, who meet weekly at the various breweries or wineries in the area. Welcoming runners and walkers, they are a friendly bunch who, honestly, mostly run, but I have appreciated their hospitality to this walker for a couple of outings over the last month.

Each event offers a 3- or 5-mile run/hike over some beautiful trails. Since I move a little more slowly, I get the chance to take in more of the splendor.

And last night, I had the added benefit of getting back to the “pub” first, to enjoy the hospitality at the Chaos Mountain Brewery. I sipped my pilsener while chatting outside with a couple of patrons (and their dogs, Kelly and Blue) until the rest of the runners arrived. It was a steamy, hot, humid evening, but the beer and the vibe was super cool.

I brought home some for Jim, and he didn’t even have to hike!

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