I got a treat in the mail yesterday and I’m going to extoll its virtues but first I’m going to let you know that I am doing this all straight from the heart because I’m like Consumer Reports over here and not sponsored.

My Road ID arrived!

road ID

Some years ago, before my knees told me, “Stop this madness,” I enjoyed distance running quite a bit. I got started down that road by the fantastic Team in Training program, where our coach insisted that we all carry ID when we ran. He turned us on to Road IDs. This is a wearable ID that goes on your wrist or on your shoe, and includes your name, a contact phone number, and any other information that might be helpful.

I wore mine faithfully on runs, walks, riding my bike, and swimming. I even had one for running at my in-laws’ house that included their phone number.

When we moved to the country, I needed one more than ever. After all, open water swimming here is a quick walk to the dock. And these rolling country roads are going to be a little unfamiliar for awhile. I am relieved to have an ID with me, you know, in case of a worst case.

So nope, I can’t offer you a discount or anything cool like that, but the RoadID.com website is entertaining in and of itself, and you might just be glad to make an investment in your peace of mind.

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