My husband and our eldest child have worked out a system for transmitting her back to school in Alabama. They share the eight-hour drive, then he takes the shuttle bus back to the Atlanta airport and flies home. Thus, she gets to have a car at school and need not drive the eight hours herself.

They did that drive today, with a stop at the delicious Breadcraft Bakery in downtown Roanoke. Since they invited me along to breakfast, I took their picture before they headed out.

They then departed on what turned into a prolonged drive (crazy Georgia weather and traffic!) and I came home to an empty house. But I took a long walk, and I’ve worked on an online project, done laundry, made the acquaintance of the nice ladies who work at the Capps Home Building Center, signed up for some yoga classes, and eaten only a little too much ice cream. I am going to call that so far, so good.

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