No time to waste laying around the lake on a Saturday morning! We let the younger kid lounge, actually, while Jim, Cora, and I got busy.

Like last week, we started at the farmers market in Roanoke, where we picked up peaches, a watermelon, and healthy juice concoctions from the brand new Get Juiced juice bar downtown. Cora had a beer/apple/lemon/turnip/ginger drink that was almost as good as my mango/pineapple/banana smoothie I enjoyed.

There was also a beer festival going on downtown, in which we did not partake, but wow the place was hopping.

From there, we drove a quick two miles to the historic and hip Grandin Road neighborhood. We stopped in at the Roanoke Co-op, Cora considered some cute clothes at Urban Gypsy, and we all had terrific lunches at On the Rise Bakery.

Finally, we took a trip to Black Dog Salvage, which was a feast for the eyes, and Sweet Donkey coffee shop for fortification to get back over the mountains back to Wirtz. It was a nice respite from unpacking.

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