We have been living in Wirtz for a week now, and here are some things I can tell you about it:

  1. Mini horses down the road from us! Real ones! Also many deer, including a young buck at the front door one evening.
  2. More critters. I found myself taking a shower with what can only be described as a BIG ASS SPIDER yesterday morning. He wasn’t in there long.
  3. People are friendly, easy-going, and conversational. I had a 15 minute talk this week with a woman from a plumber’s office after we had determined that our house was outside their service area.
  4. The casual groove doesn’t necessarily extend to driving. I tend to drive cautiously around here because the roads are narrow, unfamiliar, and winding. And the scenery is astonishing. The deft driving of my new neighbors makes me look like a grandma behind the wheel.
  5. I thought I had a bit of a Virginia accent before I arrived here. I have a long way to go.

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