July has been a big month. We’ve taken our yearly summer journey to the in-laws’ house and I’ve wrapped things up at my job. Even more exciting, we have gone to settlement on the new house, and today, four really hard-working gentlemen from J. Barber Moving and Storage are packing up 16 years of living and putting it on two trucks for the trip to Wirtz. (And I can’t overstate how terrific J. Barber’s movers and packers have been. Once this experience culminates at our new home, I’m going to Yelp the heck out of these folks!)

moving trucks

The Reynolds men made the move to the new place today, leaving me with an empty house, two cats, and a young lady who has one more day to go on her summer internship. She has her eyes beyond this move, I think, looking more towards getting back to college for her senior year. I really get that.

This has been a long time coming and I relish the thought of having all four Reynoldses under one roof, at least for a couple of weeks!

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