Good afternoon.

I’m Anne, and I’m here because I’m an old dog thinking about learning a few new tricks.

Let’s address the “old” part first. In November, I turned 50. This, I think, was a momentous enough event to motivate a few life changes. No new tattoos or piercings, but when I stumbled on an article about learning to code, I┬ádecided that a middle-aged woman is JUST the kind of person who should take on such a challenge. Plus, the people in my office who code are very, very cool.

At a Ruby Retrocession event this spring, one of the speakers suggested blogging to record the journey to coding proficiency, and here I am. I’m an old fan of blogging but more about that another day.

My goal is to work on Ruby this summer, a little every day. And play around with some Java Script, too (I did some exercises yesterday on the Code School website), and HTML. I’m going to learn as much as I can this summer and this fall, when the high school senior is back in school, maybe take the leap into a bootcamp.

I will let you know how it goes.

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